Cease Automatic Media Downloads ln Telegram With These steps For 2024



Cease Automatic Media Downloads ln Telegram With These steps For 2024

1. Launch the Telegram App on your device hand look for the icon with three horizontal lines in the upper left corner; this icon is usually situated at the top of the screen and represents the app’s menu.

Once you tap on these three lines, it will open a menu that provides access to various settings and options within the app.

2. Once you’ve tapped the three horizontal lines to open the menu, proceed by selecting “Settings” from the menu options. This action directs you to the Settings page, where you can configure various preferences and options for your Telegram experience. Scroll through the settings until you find the specific category you’re looking for.

3. Scroll down on the Settings page until you find the section labeled “Data and Storage.” This section typically encompasses settings related to data usage and storage management within the Telegram app. Tapping on “Data and Storage” will lead you to a sub-menu or page where you can fine-tune various data-related preferences.

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4. Within the “Data and Storage” section, look for the option titled “Automatic Media Download.” This specific setting allows you to control how media files are automatically downloaded. Once you’ve located this option, you’ll likely find sub-options corresponding to different network conditions, such as ‘When using Mobile data,’ ‘When Connected on Wi-Fi,’ and ‘When Roaming.’ Turn off these options to disable automatic media downloads under the respective conditions. This step ensures that media files won’t be automatically downloaded without your explicit consent, giving you more control over your data usage and storage.

5. By turning off the options for ‘When using Mobile data,’ ‘When Connected on Wi-Fi,’ and ‘When Roaming’ under the “Automatic Media Download” settings, you effectively prevent the Telegram app from automatically downloading media files in different network scenarios. This empowers you to manage your data usage efficiently and avoid unexpected downloads, ensuring that you have more control over when media content is retrieved within the app.

following the outlined steps to turn off automatic media downloads in the “Automatic Media Download” settings ensures that media files will not be auto-downloaded in your Telegram app. This gives you greater control over when and how media content is retrieved on your device.

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