Eslabon Armado & Peso Pluma – Ella Baila Sola Lyrics 2024


Armed Eslabon & Featherweight – Ella Baila Sola Lyrics

This Is Is The Official Lyrics Of Eslabon Armado Featured Song With Peso Pluma You can read it below, and if you think we have a mistake you can correct us by sending the correct lyrics to us via Contact Us Form, Thanks.

Verse 1:
Pedro Tovar & Featherweight Compa, what do you think of that girl? I like the one who’s dancing alone, Bella, she knows she’s hot Everyone’s watching her dance I walk up and throw a whole word at her We have drinks without ifs and buts, just temptation I told her: “I’m going to conquer your family, which in “A few days you’re going to be mine.” He told me that I’m very crazy, but he likes that no guy like me acts

Interlude: Pedro Tovar & Peso Pluma
And there you go, mija And pure double P, old man Just like that, buddy Pedro Puro Armed Link For the plebitas Cha-chau!


Verse 2: Featherweight & Pedro Tovar
I’m not a vato who has varo But speaking from the heart I fulfill everything to you He grabbed me by his hand My friend didn’t even believe it, because when I passed by I was His body, I swear to God, it was so perfect Her waist like a model Her eyes made me fall in love with her from the beginning She liked it and I like it

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